Chase the Rainbow


Even late in life he chases the rainbows

It’s not dollars or acclaim that fills his sail

Passion is the hungry wind that blows

The windmills turning circles in the sky


The kid runs through the spring rain

With two feet splashing in all the puddles

Water glistening as it fills the storm drain

Rays slice holes in the disappearing clouds


The man weathers the pounding storm

He trusts and walks thru gentle spring showers

Learning to embrace and revel what will transform

The heavens provide and teach with firm touch


On this voyage some missteps and transverses

To paradise we wonder our feet make the trail

Counting our blessings and countering reverses

To the light our faith and energy are drawn


On the back of a butterfly winging toward the sun

The rain is not a detour each drop becomes a river

With purpose a rainbow will not be outdone

Rising from the gray bursting into many colors


It may last seconds or stay around a while

The light and mist teaming up for a splendid show

Stretching across the horizon more than a mile

Inhale the cool and taste the watery hues


The boy marvels as the cloud line climbs

Backlit, droplets cascading into thin air

A spectacle to be enjoyed for many lifetimes

The wonderment still a mystery as boy becomes man


The closer one gets the more dispersed the light

Not to be impounded it won’t fit into your hand

As soon as it blooms the colors begin to take flight

Dissipating before your eyes the longer you stare


The old man still looks to the sky after a downpour

A rainbow can chase away the dark clouds

Refreshing your soul like a day at the seashore

It’s a state of mind without leaving home


The rainbow still brings the old man a smile

The boy would excitedly search for the gold

A rainbow offers much that is worthwhile

It’s only a cloudburst and sunbeam away


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