Talking to God

I would imagine nearly all of us have talked to God, which ever God we look to.  Maybe we do it by prayer, or we actually do it as a monologue.  I get a little nervous when people say that God spoke to them or told them something, like you were having a conversation with … More Talking to God

Best Songwriters

Who are the best songwriters?  There are many to choose from.  There are some great songwriting teams, but I am only going to talk about individuals who write both music and lyrics. These are in no particular order. Bob Dylan – Bob has been at it for nearly 60 years.  He is not a great … More Best Songwriters

Weird Al

I like Weird Al. I get him. He’s a clever and funny guy. You either like him or you do not. Alfred Yankovic started calling himself Weird Al in college as a way to give himself some distinction. He started college at age 16 and admitted to be a big nerd. He got picked on … More Weird Al

The Splendid and the Vile: Britain and the Nazi Air War

Author Erik Larson paints a technicolor picture of life under persistent bombing and threat of invasion. In 1940, Britain stood nearly alone against Fascist forces. The British were pushed off of the Continent and were reeling from Rommel in North Africa. Europe was mostly under Nazi rule. America was locked in an isolationist policy, despite … More The Splendid and the Vile: Britain and the Nazi Air War

Andy’s Girlfriends

Sheriff Andy Taylor was an eligible bachelor; a widower as all single fathers were in classic television land. His wife was rarely referenced and it appeared in the first season of The Andy Griffith Show that his grieving was long over and Andy was up for grabs. In the first couple of seasons, Andy had … More Andy’s Girlfriends


There are traces of you everywhere Wrapped around this smile It no secret how much I care Your shadow stretches wider than a mile There are traces of you in the rainbow Stunning me with your style A taste of you in that Bordeaux This hapless but fawning gentile There are traces of you in … More Traces

Has Been

Have been. Yes, we have been there. Each day looking forward, the hourglass full. The sun never brighter, the tail wind never stronger, the horizon never clearer, every morning an achievable, new challenge.  To our summit. Has been. While we may have slid down the ladder, at one point we scaled to the height of … More Has Been