The Angry Prostate

You’ve heard those words, men over 50 may encounter getting up many times during the night. That is just one symptom of prostate issues. The prostate has a full range of tricks to throw at you. It does, because it can. The prostate serves a function in the reproductive process to help carry the sperm. … More The Angry Prostate

Paul Cotton 2

My blog on former Poco songwriter and guitarist Paul Cotton is one of my most popular writings. Paul has a lot of fans. After leaving Poco in 2010, Paul enjoyed life in Key West and fronted his own band. In recent years, Paul has been living in Oregon, mostly out of the public eye, but … More Paul Cotton 2

The Longest Road

The longest road is between two important points in your life: not always the points of longest distance, rather the journey of most significance. Pick a time in your life, something you had to do, involving a major struggle, change or difficulty. Getting to the objective was harder than you imagined or were used to. … More The Longest Road