Bono: Surrender, 40 Songs, One Story (book review)

Bono, much like Bruce Springsteen, can sell a ton of records and tour stadiums around the world, but is maligned by many for his views and activities. Is he just another rich, liberal rockstar whose solution is to throw other people’s money at countries that can’t solve their own problems? Bono is certainly an activist … More Bono: Surrender, 40 Songs, One Story (book review)

The Happy Prostate

The words “happy” and “prostate” are strangers in the same sentence. If you are a male over age 50, the mood of your prostate is should be a concern. When I visit the urologist, I am handed a survey inquiring of my rate and success of urination, particularly at night. Every patient gets the survey, … More The Happy Prostate

Confidence Man (2022), by Maggie Haberman (book review)

The anxiously awaited book by Pulitzer Prize winning, White House correspondent Maggie Haberman, who covered the subject of this book for years writing for various New York publications. She interviewed more than 200 sources, and the subject himself several times. He called her his psychiatrist; later, he referred to her as a third-rate journalist. If … More Confidence Man (2022), by Maggie Haberman (book review)

Stevie Wonder: Songs in the Key of Life (revisiting)

Songs in the Key of Life, one of the best albums of 1976. This double album was all over the radio and was perhaps the pinnacle of Stevie Wonder’s musical output. Consider, this was Wonder’s 18th album, and he was only 26 years old. Amazing! The early 1970s had been a richly creative period for … More Stevie Wonder: Songs in the Key of Life (revisiting)

Fool’s Gold

From the dark side to the light Tired eyes are slow to adjust Once slipping, now skating away From sawdust to stardust — After the fierce rain, a double rainbow The damp air pops with electricity Bold sunlight divides the blue-gray sky To the heavens, creator of synchronicity — A poor man casts off his … More Fool’s Gold