Ball Four: The groundbreaking 1970 book about the game of baseball

Jim Bouton was an average baseball pitcher, although he had a couple of very successful years. He had once been a member of the proud New York Yankees, where he won 21 games in 1963, and appeared in two World Series, even winning two game in the 1964 series. He won 18 games in 1964, … More Ball Four: The groundbreaking 1970 book about the game of baseball

Left Field

In popular lore, left field is a region that is removed from the mainstream. To be “out of left field” is not exactly a compliment. According to journalist and speechwriter William Safire: Where in the heavens or on earth is ”left field”? How did that area on the baseball field become the metaphoric epitome of … More Left Field

Billy Bob Thornton

I always felt that Billy Bob was a strange cat, mainly because of his tabloid personal life (Angelina Jolie) and films like Sling Blade and Monster‘s Ball. In recent years, I have reassessed my view of him.  Mostly.  I still have to pick and choose from his work, not everything he does is my cup … More Billy Bob Thornton

Big League Chew

Stepping up to the plate. As kids, we cannot wait to take our turn. We salivate to be older, to experience what our sisters and brothers enjoy. We are not concerned about abandoning the confines of our childhood because there is adventure waiting. Eventually, we join the work world. Without much real world experience, we … More Big League Chew

Sports Memories

I have some great sports memories. They don’t define my life but they are intertwined with moments or events that I value.  I watch sports, but as I get older, it occupies an increasingly smaller part of my life.  Sports is too much a business; even amateur sports have that corporate vibe to it. I … More Sports Memories

30 Sports Films

I was going to pick 10, then I had almost 20, and since I was getting closer to 30, that’s the number.  Some of these are classics, others good films and a few unusual films that are on because of their subject matter or they are just entertaining.  It’s my list.  Still, I can think … More 30 Sports Films