Pet Peeves, Part 3

Back by popular demand. Sort of. Really more of an opportunity to vent. We all have things that peeve us, no matter how congenial and pleasant we are. Here are another ten: Leaving garbage carts at the curb for days. Even leaving then in the street. On vacation, no. Just lazy. Backing vehicle into parking … More Pet Peeves, Part 3

After the Rain

The cooling rain charges the air Electrifying the fine mist Smoldering clouds boil away Mother Nature’s emboldened kiss — The hammer strikes the heavens My skin is chilly and alive The anger and fury of nature If vengeful, we shouldn’t survive — But we do, perhaps undeserving Birds resume their vocalisation The ground is recharged … More After the Rain

Left on Tenth, A Second Chance at Life: Delia Ephron (a book review)

I heard about this book on CBS Sunday Morning and I knew right away I needed to read this book. ‘If you are in Manhattan, traveling downtown on Fifth Avenue or Seventh Avenue, you can turn only left on Tenth Street. It’s a one-way street, west to east. Left on Tenth is my way home. … More Left on Tenth, A Second Chance at Life: Delia Ephron (a book review)


Can you spend time by yourself and be comfortable doing so? I can. These are my thoughts, experience and reading on the subject. There is a certain amount of misunderstanding and misperception on choosing to be alone at times. Each of us has our own threshold for human contact. The pandemic tested many people as … More Aloneness