Best Songwriters

Who are the best songwriters?  There are many to choose from.  There are some great songwriting teams, but I am only going to talk about individuals who write both music and lyrics. These are in no particular order. Bob Dylan – Bob has been at it for nearly 60 years.  He is not a great … More Best Songwriters

John Lennon at 80

Hard to believe John Lennon has been gone 40 years, but it is safe to say his legacy is stronger than it has ever been. I remembered John Lennon back in 2017. Remembering John Lennon Even more than his musical career, I believe he is most associated with the peace movement. It is impossible to … More John Lennon at 80

Let It Be at 50

Every original studio album by the Beatles has now celebrated a 50 year anniversary. How can that be so?  It is hard for me not to associate Let It Be with the end of the Beatles.  Upon its release, the wheels were in motion for the band to dissolve.  There was even a rancorous meeting … More Let It Be at 50