America (the band)

“A Horse With No Name,” “I Need You,” “Sister Golden Hair,” “Ventura Highway” and others. Big hits of the early 1970s. Two years ago, I saw them in concert and marveled at how good they sounded. Dewey Bunnell and Gerry Beckley are celebrating 50 years together this year. America hit the big time right out … More America (the band)

New Chicago

I really wanted to like this version of the band, but it’s hard to. I like the old songs, everything prior to 1980, but it’s been a bumpy ride ever since. My other blog, Old Chicago, lays out my love for the band. Tonight, I watched a concert video recorded recently of the current line-up. … More New Chicago

Old Chicago

No, not the pizza place. Rock ‘n’ Roll. Served hot. Chicago Transit Authority has changed a lot over 50 years. For one, they shortened their name to just Chicago many years ago.  The band has three periods. The Kath period. The Cetera period. And Since Cetera Left. The Cetera period produced a lot of schmaltzy … More Old Chicago