Three Dog Night

For a band that did not write much of their own material, these guys have a bunch of hits. It is impossible to think about the late 1960s and early 1970s without some reference to a Three Dog Night song. The band’s name originated from the Australian Aboriginal custom of sleeping with dogs to stay … More Three Dog Night

Best Drum Grooves

The job of the drummer is to drive the train. The exceptional drummers do so taking you on a journey you’ve never traveled. The best grooves get your attention, but aren’t showy. Yes, drummers can be self-indulgent with exaggerated playing, tiresome soloing and drum kits that need their own zip code. It’s very difficult for … More Best Drum Grooves

Todd Rundgren: Hermit of Mink Hollow (1978)

The next edition in the tour of 1970s albums by Todd Rundgren. Todd Rundgren was a busy musician in the 1970s. He was prolific in recording his own albums and touring, and was a producer for hire. Rundgren alternated between spacey, progressive rock and sweet-sounding, accessible pop-rock. Something/Anything? was his breakthrough album featuring AM radio … More Todd Rundgren: Hermit of Mink Hollow (1978)

Mark Lindsay

If you are old enough to remember Paul Revere & the Raiders, you know Mark Lindsay, who was the lead vocalist, songwriter and producer of the band. Tall, dark features, a ponytail in back, he struck quite a figure in the mid 1960s. Lindsay turned 79 in March of this year. How is that possible. … More Mark Lindsay