Paul Cotton 2

My blog on former Poco songwriter and guitarist Paul Cotton is one of my most popular writings. Paul has a lot of fans. After leaving Poco in 2010, Paul enjoyed life in Key West and fronted his own band. In recent years, Paul has been living in Oregon, mostly out of the public eye, but … More Paul Cotton 2

Les Dudek: The Best Guitarist You Don’t Know

Les Dudek has traveled a lot of miles in his musical career.  From obscurity to mainstream music biz, back to relative obscurity. A ramblin’ man of sorts. Dudek was positioned on the road to success in the 1970s, but for some reason, it did not happen.  Talent, connections, big record company contract – somehow the … More Les Dudek: The Best Guitarist You Don’t Know

Ultimate Rock Band

Another reader suggested topic. Form a fantasy band, picking by position. Ready, set, go. Lead singer: Roger Daltrey. There are many fine vocalists, but Roger is hands-down the one. More iconic vocalists? Jagger, Bowie, Lennon come to mind, but Roger has the range, the swagger and the chops.  Roger just looks like the prototype 1970s … More Ultimate Rock Band