William Smith

You might not recognize the name, but you would the face and his muscular physique. Actor William Smith is now 88 years old, has been a mainstay on television and screen for six decades. Smith has been a favorite of mine since Laredo, and I’ve followed his career since. I always felt he never got … More William Smith

Tommy Lee Jones

A better actor. Name one.  Okay, name one who has played a more diverse set of characters? For my money, Tommy Lee Jones is at the top of his profession. Starring role or character role, keep your eyes on him. Good guy, bad guy, comic book character, grieving father, space cowboy. Here are a dozen … More Tommy Lee Jones

The Enforcer (1976)

The third Dirty Harry film and the best one.  The first film in the series is beyond film criticism, it is revered, a cultural icon, so good, bad or otherwise, is a film classic.  The Enforcer is not better made, but it is a balance between all of the independent atomic materials of Dirty Harry. … More The Enforcer (1976)