Conan and Tom Snyder

Two late night interview show hosts of different generations. Both of the Johnny Carson linage. Tom Snyder covered a lot of bases: radio personality, news anchor, late night interview. By the time he accepted the invitation to follow Johnny Carson at midnight, Snyder had carved out a long news career. Ha anchored news shows in … More Conan and Tom Snyder

Eat a Peach

Remember this saying? Actually, every generation has some affinity for this innuendo or put-down. In its least suggestive form, telling someone to “eat a peach” was akin to suggesting they “eat my shorts,” a favorite of high school boys in the 1970s. While Bart Simpson may have been the great provocateur of the phrase, he … More Eat a Peach

Howard Morris

What do Ernest T. Bass and Mayor McCheese have in common? They were both played by by actor Howard Morris. Ernest T. Bass only appeared in five episodes of the Andy Griffith Show as the character. That’s right, only five episodes. He directed more episodes (eight) of the show than he appeared as Bass. Ernest … More Howard Morris

The Space Force

I wanna join the space force To sail among the stars Planting my country’s flag And colonizing Mars With visions of Star Trek Armed with deadly warheads We’ll blast any alien bodies And set up American homesteads Kissin’ space babes like Captain Kirk With fasers set to awesomeness Recruiting TV model space cadets Based solely … More The Space Force