Marlowe (film review)

Dick Powell, Humphrey Bogart, Robert Montgomery, James Garner, Elliott Gould, Robert Mitchum and now Liam Neeson. Actors who have played private eye Philip Marlowe. Snappy dialogue, obtuse characters, flashback narrative, stylish photography, world weary detective – required elements of an old fashioned gum-shoe detective. Cigarette smoke everywhere, hard dames, infidelity, drinking on the job, obscene … More Marlowe (film review)

Simply Lies, a new mystery by David Baldacci (2023)

David Baldacci is an extraordinary printing press. On average, two new novels a year. He’s prolific and sells millions of books. I’ve been reading him for twenty years, and most of his books have been highly enjoyable and thrilling. See my related Baldacci blogs for more. Simply Lies starts off with great promise. The central … More Simply Lies, a new mystery by David Baldacci (2023)

More British Sleuthing

Part 2 of my list of outstanding British sleuth television programs. Broadchurch (2013-2017) A somber, aching police drama that centers on the murder of a boy in the small coastal village of Broadchurch. Starring David Tennant and Olivia Coleman as the police detectives on what turns into a complex and horrifying case that stretched over … More More British Sleuthing

My Favorite British Television Sleuths

Some of the best television mystery comes from Great Britain. Perhaps it stems from Agatha Christie, or Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, or maybe Charles Dickens. It might be the genetic influence of William Shakespeare. There have been some wonderful television mysteries, some of which Americans have enjoyed courtesy of viewings on PBS, where many of … More My Favorite British Television Sleuths

New Fiction by my Favorite Mystery Writers: Best Sellers Reviewed

Mystery is my favorite genre of fiction. Crime mysteries populate my night table, and occasionally my nightmares. Each year, my favorite authors publish new books, which makes autumn such a special time of the year. I’ll be sharing books I’ve just finished, and my thoughts, but I won’t be giving away any clues. I’m even … More New Fiction by my Favorite Mystery Writers: Best Sellers Reviewed

CSI, the Original and the Reboot (My Review)

Nothing is truly gone. After 15 seasons and 337 episodes, multiple awards and cast changes, and three spinoff series, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is back as CSI: Vegas. What’s old is new again. I watched the original for about first five seasons. The science and great visual look was exciting and pulled the viewer into … More CSI, the Original and the Reboot (My Review)