CSI, the Original and the Reboot (My Review)

Nothing is truly gone. After 15 seasons and 337 episodes, multiple awards and cast changes, and three spinoff series, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is back as CSI: Vegas. What’s old is new again. I watched the original for about first five seasons. The science and great visual look was exciting and pulled the viewer into … More CSI, the Original and the Reboot (My Review)

Test Pattern Girl

Maybe it’s me, or perhaps it’s she Through the snow and interference Every night at the stoke of one Her ghostly image makes an appearance — She has a lonesome, disembodied tone Climbing down from my dream The sand still coating my blurry eyes At six she disappears back into the stream — She arrives … More Test Pattern Girl

The Betrayal of Anne Frank: A Cold Case Investigation

The new book by Rosemary Sullivan (2022), The Betrayal of Anne Frank: A Cold Case Investigation, is chilling to read. We know what happened to Anne Frank and the other seven who hid from the Nazis for 26 months, but less about the society where both betrayal and heroism existed side by side. Anxious to … More The Betrayal of Anne Frank: A Cold Case Investigation

Hitchcock by the Decade

I just finished a three-session film class on Alfred Hitchcock. Over six hours, we tried to digest his remarkable career. Of course, it helps to have seen most of his films and much of his television anthology series. Hitchcock is a lot of things, personality, auteur, mystery and macabre storyteller, and great observer of life. … More Hitchcock by the Decade

Direct to Video

Direct to video films became synonymous with cheap, low quality films. In the world today, content designed to be available on-demand over streaming services is replacing films going through the traditional movie theater. Consumers are choosing subscription streaming services over cable subscriptions and 82% of internet traffic relates to video now. What a mixed-up world … More Direct to Video