Joni Mitchell: The Asylum Albums (1972-1975)

Joni Mitchell is releasing her past work in chunks. The Asylum Albums (1972-1975) is the latest of her music to appear. Her first group of studio albums were on Reprise Records, and comprised her first set of remastered albums. The Asylum Albums were released on David Geffen’s Asylum Records, and represents a very commercially successful … More Joni Mitchell: The Asylum Albums (1972-1975)

David Crosby: Live at the Capitol Theatre (review)

Recorded in 2018, but not released until until December 2022, a little more than a month before he died at age 81. David Crosby was quite busy in his last years, touring and releasing several studio albums. It was a creative period, partially driven by financial reasons. As a legacy artist, he had to generate … More David Crosby: Live at the Capitol Theatre (review)

Two Minutes or Less

No, this isn’t about erectile dysfunction. The other day I posted a blog about songs over 10 minutes in length. A colleague humorously suggested compiling a list of songs that are shorter than two minutes. Okay, let’s do it! I’m placing a caveat that these have to be post- 1960, as in the old days, … More Two Minutes or Less

Underrated Albums

Here are 25 albums that failed to get the love they deserve. These albums have taken a backseat in the artist’s catalog, perhaps without benefit of a charting single or surrounding a band lineup change. It may have gone out of print or the rights became tied up. Quality music fails to connect for a … More Underrated Albums

Favorite Band Member

Here is a list of bands. I have picked by favorite member that band. It could be I like their songwriting, or their musicianship or their persona. I picked bands usually with more than three members and where it was not one dominant personality, like the Electric Light Orchestra or Dire Straits. 10cc – Eric … More Favorite Band Member

1971: Music From 50 Years Ago

What a great mix of musical styles. Pop, rock, heavy metal, R&B, blues. This was the singer-songwriter era too, the laidback Southern California sound. Carole King would have the largest selling album with Tapestry, the touchstone for the singer-songwriter generation. Other landmark albums were: Led Zeppelin IV, Fragile, Who’s Next, Sticky Fingers, Aqualung, What’s Going … More 1971: Music From 50 Years Ago