Why Marry? More Specifically, Why Do Seniors Say I Do?

An interesting question, even more so since I now claim the senior discount whenever possible. I’m not questioning marriage – a marriage is what two people make of it. So, why do people marry? Survey says: for all kinds of reasons – but love is only one marital asset. That sounds so cold, but it … More Why Marry? More Specifically, Why Do Seniors Say I Do?

Becoming Your Parents

If you watch TV at all, you’ve seen the commercials from Progressive Insurance, about Dr. Rick cautioning others about becoming their parents. It’s a humorous series of commercials about the quirky habits of older people that are deemed annoying or not socially appropriate. Becoming your parents is called parentamorphosis. The commercials are good for a … More Becoming Your Parents

Belfast (2021)

I never understood the historical, religious and political conflict in Northern Ireland. At the time, all I saw was tragedy. No, I did not live there, so it is perhaps not fair to comment. I do not judge, and naïvely, I always wondered why everyone could not find a way to live in peace. When … More Belfast (2021)

The Fog of Memory

Morning burns away the fog of yesterday Through these eyes I see almost clearly Each year compounds what’s valued I cherish those moments dearly — Once in a dream, I found you My beating heart is heavily scarred Tread lightly on this used soul Reminding myself to love hard — Absence crystalizes those snapshots Tightly … More The Fog of Memory

Hole in the World

There’s a hole in the world today It’s noticeable and leaking love Now she’s an angel in flight Peace and hope on the wings of a dove – There’s a hole in our hearts today Releasing a river of pain and sadness Shock gives way to harsh reality Taking a good one is such madness … More Hole in the World