What’s a Good Day?

Winning the lottery. A promotion. Paying off your mortgage. The healthy birth of child. A random act of kindness. Your favorite pair of jeans still fit.  All good things. On some days if might be as insignificant of as your car starting.  Not oversleeping. The mail carrier actually gets your mail in the right box.  … More What’s a Good Day?

The Square Dad

In modern television culture, most dads didn’t always know best. Maybe they thought they did, but quickly the tables turned and dads were treading water at best. If you are Homer Simpson, you’re underwater. Dad might have been hip in his day, although those were the olden days of covered wagons and walking to school … More The Square Dad

My Big Sister

My big sister.  All the way through school, that’s what she was known as.  I learned her name later.  By that description, you would think she was a giant, or a very important nun.  There are five years difference between our ages, so we were never in the same school at the same time, yet … More My Big Sister