Mr. Versatility

Every few years an athlete grabs the attention because of their all-around athletic skills. Think Michael Jordan, Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders. Then came Tim Tebow and now New Orleans Saints player Taysom Hill, who plays quarterback, running back and wide receiver. Hill is a superb athlete, but I am leaning Jim Thorpe as maybe … More Mr. Versatility

Football at 50

It is hard to think back 50 years, but I can. Following the Kansas City Chiefs winning Super Bowl IV, a wave of football interest washed over the area and that included me.   In 1969, the NFL was celebrating 50 years, and the AFL celebrated 10 years. In 1969, players wore the respective patch … More Football at 50

Johnny Unitas

In his day, Johnny Unitas was a megastar. This was before the Internet or ESPN, Johnny U earned his fame on the football field, not through the media. As a kid, Unitas was the best quarterback in the business. You studied his moves, his fundamentals and his swagger. This was before Joe Namath, who changed … More Johnny Unitas

Joe Namath

Joe Namath had swagger.  Every kid who picked up a football wanted some of that.  His white shoes were his trademark.  He had a quick release, traveling a country mile.  And he was an advertiser’s dream.  Fifty years later, is Joe Namath is a legend.  Whether that exemplifies success or a cautionary note.  His life … More Joe Namath

Sports Memories

I have some great sports memories. They don’t define my life but they are intertwined with moments or events that I value.  I watch sports, but as I get older, it occupies an increasingly smaller part of my life.  Sports is too much a business; even amateur sports have that corporate vibe to it. I … More Sports Memories

30 Sports Films

I was going to pick 10, then I had almost 20, and since I was getting closer to 30, that’s the number.  Some of these are classics, others good films and a few unusual films that are on because of their subject matter or they are just entertaining.  It’s my list.  Still, I can think … More 30 Sports Films

Otis Taylor

Otis Taylor was the greatest wide receiver in the history of the Kansas City Chiefs.  No, he isn’t the team leader in receptions, yards or receiving touchdowns, but he changed the game of football. A big, fast receiver, who made spectacular catches and burned defenses. He changed how teams defensed him and big receivers who … More Otis Taylor