DVDs: Which Stack?

I am going to present you two stacks of DVDs (no Blu-ray disks mixed in). You are going on a trip and these are the only entertainment you will have. No TV, cable or internet. Which one would you choose? No trading between stacks. Stack 1 Roman Holiday (1953) – Reporter Gregory Peck and Princess … More DVDs: Which Stack?

David Niven

Distinguished, debonair and a bit roguish, that would describe actor David Niven. Niven had a very long acting career on both sides of the Atlantic and even found acclaim as an author, late in life as he described his rather colorful career. Even late in life, Niven was in demand as a featured actor, even … More David Niven

On the Beach

It was bound to happen. The East and West have a nuclear conflict of some sort. Deadly fallout is traveling around the globe, killing life as it goes.  Australia is one of the last places alive, and time is running out. An American submarine arrives in Melbourne, captained by Dwight Towers (Gregory Peck), who picks … More On the Beach

Gregory Peck

On Netflix there was a very good documentary about Gregory Peck. It was a film by his daughter, through the lens of his family, as it followed him on a tour where he talked with audiences about his films and life. What you saw was a man loved by audiences who seemed in awe of … More Gregory Peck