All That Matters

Written across the universe Each day birthing a new star Wishes sent skyward Traveling both near and far We can choose to see darkness Or be drawn to the distant light Like a beacon sending out signals Soon we will catch the next flight When time dissolves all we see Into nothing, just ancient dust … More All That Matters


I am very fond of quotes.  There is a lot of wisdom in them.  The really insightful pearls are timeless. Quotes also show how we used to think and how we have evolved through the centuries.  Below are some quotes that caught my eye and I have used them in publications.  Enjoy. “Every generation inherits … More Quotes


  Doubt is a hazy streetlight Blinding the show in the night sky Love is the invisible radar Painting pictures in the mind’s eye A few certain things A red ball of morning fire Kids and animal love Long held secret desire Lost objects are found Faith embraces from the start Wishes find their home … More Doubt

Tell Me Why

Tell me why the world seems brighter And reality feels infinity lighter Tell me why the moon glows Brighter than a Valentines rose Tell me why the sun is healing Warming the spirit with feeling Tell me why time stands still Standing at the peak of the hill Tell me why I can see forever … More Tell Me Why

What Can I Say?

A million English language words A vast opportunity of expression Each a snowflake of meaning Paintbrushes of inner confession What can I say, without the wordplay? Hand me the script for this occasion Many answers and witty remarks My problem will not fit this equation Standing here, no excuse in hand That empty facial look … More What Can I Say?

When You Realize

You know the moment that something brilliant pops into your head.  An idea or a truth. The light bulb over your head turns on. Maybe it even strobes or registers an exclamation mark.  A stroke of genius will trigger the “Do You Realize??” song by The Flaming Lips and the “happy dance” cannot be far … More When You Realize