Why Marry? More Specifically, Why Do Seniors Say I Do?

An interesting question, even more so since I now claim the senior discount whenever possible. I’m not questioning marriage – a marriage is what two people make of it. So, why do people marry? Survey says: for all kinds of reasons – but love is only one marital asset. That sounds so cold, but it … More Why Marry? More Specifically, Why Do Seniors Say I Do?

The Happy Prostate

The words “happy” and “prostate” are strangers in the same sentence. If you are a male over age 50, the mood of your prostate is should be a concern. When I visit the urologist, I am handed a survey inquiring of my rate and success of urination, particularly at night. Every patient gets the survey, … More The Happy Prostate

Fool’s Gold

From the dark side to the light Tired eyes are slow to adjust Once slipping, now skating away From sawdust to stardust — After the fierce rain, a double rainbow The damp air pops with electricity Bold sunlight divides the blue-gray sky To the heavens, creator of synchronicity — A poor man casts off his … More Fool’s Gold

I’m Not Afraid

Life rejects the intuitive map Unexpected turns, detours, construction The scenery, pretty but foreign Was I staring at my own destruction? — Rivers run deep, yet creeks creep Anxiety builds, awaiting time to arrive The quiet invites deep, cold thoughts When doubt and fear thrive — In the neurons of my mind The universe peeks … More I’m Not Afraid

Good to Be a Senior

Getting old has some benefits. Retirement is a damn fine benefit if you happen to be healthy and had enough money to live comfortably. Let’s assume that you do. Forget about the aches and pains, at least for a moment. My top 10 benefits of being a senior. Senior Discounts. Sweet! Many businesses provide a … More Good to Be a Senior