She Gets Me

Of the billions of objects Why did she pick me? This orb, bruised and silent A solitary body in the galaxy — Before we met, she knew me Curious with this mystery Patient, waiting for the bloom Every day another page to the story — She reaches for my hand A schoolboy, queasy The energy … More She Gets Me

I’m That Guy

The years wear deep grooves Like canyons, especially on my soul Time grows many tree-like rings Towering, flaunty as a maypole — Memories fly by, mile markers of life A teen sprouts, what’s it all about Twenties, playing like a grownup No longer convincing as a Boy Scout — Married and a family at thirty … More I’m That Guy


Reaching 30 is a milestone How your 20s have flown Your mom marvels at how you’ve grown Just yesterday, taking steps on your own Mountains to climb, trails to trek A bucket list to check In the 20s, spreading your wings, gear up The 30s, taking flight, no longer a young pup Be humble at … More 30

Too Much of Everything

Staring at the angry, puffed-out clouds Changing partners, like the fickle weather I’m a monsoon consuming a thirsty desert Too many lovers, hope they don’t get together — Cognitive overload dissolves my resolve Tangled words need spoken The old footprints are still clear Hopefulness buckles until broken — Folly drives uncommitted actions Fear passes through … More Too Much of Everything

The Morning

The sun awoke me as usual I miss the morning mist Rediscovering your scent Reveling in that first gentle kiss — Sounds of the ocean Stir my memory banks The happiest of times Even now, giving thanks — Images of us Frisky and unashamed Burns as an eternal flame Comforting me, now lamed — This … More The Morning

Hold my beer, I need to overthink this!

“If overthinking was an Olympic sport, I could compete for the gold, if, I decided to enter the event,” the man said. There lies the problem, getting past the thinking stage. Just kidding, I’ve over-thought this and I’m fine. I’m almost sure. Overthinking is defined as “a loop of unproductive thoughts” or “an excessive amount … More Hold my beer, I need to overthink this!

The Endless Enigma

I couldn’t know any better My ego was holstered Blinded, she was like-minded Suddenly, my confidence was bolstered — It was spring and I felt the zing My eyes spotted her shadow Sassy she was My face was flush, aglow — She dropped from a double rainbow I had imagined her before Misty-eyed, as the … More The Endless Enigma

The Book of Love

The Book of Love. Sorry, that’s a misleading title. This blog is about several books, and while it’s certainly about love, it’s more a question about our understanding of love and whether we work at love or just expect it keep us all aglow. What’s the subject of most songs? Love. Why? Love is a … More The Book of Love

The Translucent Man

Imagine a man, mostly Who I really don’t know Quiet as the emerging sunrise Disappearing into his shadow — Confession is difficult I promise not to flee Windows guard my soul Yet your eyes penetrate me — Virtually naked before you Not so many secrets Few dark tales Just a smattering of regrets — That … More The Translucent Man

When You Read My Mind

Surely, in another lifetimeThese hearts still rhyme You always read my mindTwo souls, the same kind Something you want to know?Transparency, see the showMy thoughts are an inviteStep inside the heart light Half past our idyllic embraceShyness gone without a traceYou know what I’m feelingYou and me, there’s no ceiling I can’t deny this head … More When You Read My Mind