I see things with critical clarity Not even slowing down to pass go Making the impossible seem possible Using every flavor of the rainbow   Not so quiet, no longer patient So many pretend to be absentee We no longer hand out daisies Time to move aside or join me   See the change, be … More Crusader

Leadership in 2020

Some basic leadership concepts are rock solid, others are like rubber, adapting to the form and the conditions. Leadership in normal times can be challenging. Leadership under stress or prolonged crisis can cause teams to break apart. Events of this year are testing leadership strategies and strengths of good leaders. Leadership under pressure require flexibility … More Leadership in 2020

Times Like These

There is fear in the air. You can see it on the faces of strong people. The fear is for several things.  People fear for their health.  They fear getting sick and not being able to afford treatment.  They fear for the health of family and friends. There are other fears.  Not since the Great … More Times Like These

Management Feedback

As I was waiting for my Monterey Chicken sandwich in the deli eating area, I noticed the young woman who seems to run the place take a seat and another employee sat across from her.  I’m not a snoopy person, but I am observant, and the three of us were the ones in the joint.  … More Management Feedback


Greta Thunberg is 16 years old. She’s been in the news for more than a year.  Love her, or hate her, and many do, the young lady is driving the climate change narrative.  It amazes me how grown adults are taking potshots at her on social media and on FoxNews.  When you can’t debate facts, … More Greta

My Generation

We are generation-centric. We are a society of demographics and labels. Marketing, politics, entertainment; we are categorized, studied, targeted, sold and even hated based on our attributes. We all belong to a generation. We are surrounded by other generations, but do we notice it? Of course, but how conscious are we of the generational differences? … More My Generation

Sandra Day O’Connor

Evan Thomas’ book, First, Sandra Day O’Connor: An Intimate Portrait of the First Woman Supreme Court Justice is a crisp and revealing journey through Sandra Day O’Connor’s life and career.  Thomas had access to O’Connor, her friends and colleagues, and to her personal papers and her husband’s diary, so you get more than the typical biography. Full … More Sandra Day O’Connor