The Answer

From A Million Miles You can’t get there by space craftNo need wishing on a faraway starThe secret lies deep in your mindSurprise, the answer was never far We scour the Earth for clues, read books, go to seminars, watch YouTube videos, consult analysts, ask friends and even pray.  Life throws challenges that overwhelm and … More The Answer

The Angry Prostate

You’ve heard those words, men over 50 may encounter getting up many times during the night. That is just one symptom of prostate issues. The prostate has a full range of tricks to throw at you. It does, because it can. The prostate serves a function in the reproductive process to help carry the sperm. … More The Angry Prostate

The Longest Road

The longest road is between two important points in your life: not always the points of longest distance, rather the journey of most significance. Pick a time in your life, something you had to do, involving a major struggle, change or difficulty. Getting to the objective was harder than you imagined or were used to. … More The Longest Road

Old Dog, New Tricks

Maybe not new tricks, but new attitudes.  Past a certain age, the wiring is certainly hardened, but something incredible happens.  The brain, if the soul is on-board, can find new paths. We spend a lifetime building our internal infrastructure, repairing and sometimes replacing it.  A lot like our road system.  Our attitudes and values mostly … More Old Dog, New Tricks

The Conversation

Joe just sat down to start working on compiling a financial report.  He was good at explaining numbers, they told a story and they did not talk back.  A few minutes later, Joe’s supervisor stopped by and handed him a post-it note with a room number, and told to be there in ten minutes.  No … More The Conversation