Dollars and Incense

Reconciliation is a zero-sum game Karma delivers the mail All prayers are filtered by God While you create the wind in the sail — Trading tomorrow for more todays Devalues the person you could become Always take the long way home Peace and love from your green thumb — Dreams strewn along lonely streets Waiting … More Dollars and Incense

Why Marry? More Specifically, Why Do Seniors Say I Do?

An interesting question, even more so since I now claim the senior discount whenever possible. I’m not questioning marriage – a marriage is what two people make of it. So, why do people marry? Survey says: for all kinds of reasons – but love is only one marital asset. That sounds so cold, but it … More Why Marry? More Specifically, Why Do Seniors Say I Do?

Why I Write

People often ask me what I write about. That’s easy to answer. What they should ask is why I write. That’s where the gold is. I write because I’m curious. I’m curious to learn and curious to communicate. All writers have a desire to share a secret. The secret unfolds through words, written or spoken, … More Why I Write

How Can I Be Sure?

There’s a question, circling inside Is this fleeting or a pivotal event? ‘What if’s’ pop like thought-balloons Perplexing, for this eager gent — Lean in, let the sun kiss all this splendor ‘Tis a dream, reality is never so warm I’m spooked, my defenses are down Swallowed whole, consumed by the storm — Life is … More How Can I Be Sure?

The Happy Prostate

The words “happy” and “prostate” are strangers in the same sentence. If you are a male over age 50, the mood of your prostate is should be a concern. When I visit the urologist, I am handed a survey inquiring of my rate and success of urination, particularly at night. Every patient gets the survey, … More The Happy Prostate

Fool’s Gold

From the dark side to the light Tired eyes are slow to adjust Once slipping, now skating away From sawdust to stardust — After the fierce rain, a double rainbow The damp air pops with electricity Bold sunlight divides the blue-gray sky To the heavens, creator of synchronicity — A poor man casts off his … More Fool’s Gold

Pet Peeves, Part 3

Back by popular demand. Sort of. Really more of an opportunity to vent. We all have things that peeve us, no matter how congenial and pleasant we are. Here are another ten: Leaving garbage carts at the curb for days. Even leaving then in the street. On vacation, no. Just lazy. Backing vehicle into parking … More Pet Peeves, Part 3

Becoming Your Parents

If you watch TV at all, you’ve seen the commercials from Progressive Insurance, about Dr. Rick cautioning others about becoming their parents. It’s a humorous series of commercials about the quirky habits of older people that are deemed annoying or not socially appropriate. Becoming your parents is called parentamorphosis. The commercials are good for a … More Becoming Your Parents

Within Reach

Days of future remembrance Dreams beyond my stretch Of a life no one really inhabits Something else to kvetch — Time is just a hypnotist’s bobble Cannot parse the fake from real So many characters, all this fantasy Stay around for the reveal — Beautiful is my favorite color No majesty in fawning majestic The … More Within Reach