Peace & Love

Like an easy smile Peace and love Takes little effort Just a gliding dove   Hate is a resolute plan A massive black hole Devouring sunshine Swallowing every soul   Peace is a handshake Face to face respect Love is uniting A world can connect   Call me old fashioned Joke about the moonbeam The … More Peace & Love


A story of one In search of a two An awesome sunset Spectacular view From the heavens Making a debut Blending the foods Stir the fondue Many looks accrue Not one miscue Slightly see through Reveals a tattoo Unexpected prevue Shifts my world view A right and left shoe I saw you too

Because of you

Lying in cool summer grass Pointed at the light blue sky Your head across my chest Your breathing forms a sigh I could die now and be happy But this adventure has more love The wind blows through your hair My thanks to the spirit up above I know the soft dreaming sound As the … More Because of you