Walking on a Cloud

Her footsteps glide lightly overhead Rainbows are created from her smile The entire sky is her carriage He can’t help but dream of her awhile Behind the clouds she playfully hides A cool mist to greet the morning Surrounded by the dance of butterflies A beguiling smirk beams a warning He stands boldly in the … More Walking on a Cloud


  Doubt is a hazy streetlight Blinding the show in the night sky Love is the invisible radar Painting pictures in the mind’s eye A few certain things A red ball of morning fire Kids and animal love Long held secret desire Lost objects are found Faith embraces from the start Wishes find their home … More Doubt

Peace & Love

Like an easy smile Peace and love Takes little effort Just a gliding dove   Hate is a resolute plan A massive black hole Devouring sunshine Swallowing every soul   Peace is a handshake Face to face respect Love is uniting A world can connect   Call me old fashioned Joke about the moonbeam The … More Peace & Love


A story of one In search of a two An awesome sunset Spectacular view From the heavens Making a debut Blending the foods Stir the fondue Many looks accrue Not one miscue Slightly see through Reveals a tattoo Unexpected prevue Shifts my world view A right and left shoe I saw you too

Because of you

Lying in cool summer grass Pointed at the light blue sky Your head across my chest Your breathing forms a sigh I could die now and be happy But this adventure has more love The wind blows through your hair My thanks to the spirit up above I know the soft dreaming sound As the … More Because of you