A Walk in the Park

His life is the next meal and walk We share the sidewalk, but he leads A deep conversation, but just my talk Off he goes, to the shrubs and weeds — I hold the leash, he’s really the teacher Through him, life is revealed Quiet reverence, the canine preacher My trivial problems are healed — … More A Walk in the Park

Late Winter

The cold hangs tough, even after time springs forward The chill threatens to homestead deep within my marrow A few more robins will boost the morning chorus Songs for survivors, the margin for nature is narrow — In my dreams, I am sailing far away After an interlude of modeling beach swimwear There’s only Key … More Late Winter


Expiring and nearly extinct Tightly gripping yesterday Walking the outermost lane Silence to what you say — Cynicism settles over this tribe Your landline is obsolete Life as a one-armed cactus Dancing with two left feet — Marshaling retired gray matter Displaying the virtues boasted Flexing attitudes once resolute Retracting critiques posted — To strive … More Refurbished

Bono: Surrender, 40 Songs, One Story (book review)

Bono, much like Bruce Springsteen, can sell a ton of records and tour stadiums around the world, but is maligned by many for his views and activities. Is he just another rich, liberal rockstar whose solution is to throw other people’s money at countries that can’t solve their own problems? Bono is certainly an activist … More Bono: Surrender, 40 Songs, One Story (book review)

I’m Not Afraid

Life rejects the intuitive map Unexpected turns, detours, construction The scenery, pretty but foreign Was I staring at my own destruction? — Rivers run deep, yet creeks creep Anxiety builds, awaiting time to arrive The quiet invites deep, cold thoughts When doubt and fear thrive — In the neurons of my mind The universe peeks … More I’m Not Afraid

Belfast (2021)

I never understood the historical, religious and political conflict in Northern Ireland. At the time, all I saw was tragedy. No, I did not live there, so it is perhaps not fair to comment. I do not judge, and naïvely, I always wondered why everyone could not find a way to live in peace. When … More Belfast (2021)

Ivan Meets G.I. Joe

In 1980, the Clash released a song called “Ivan Meets G.I. Joe” on their stunning Sandinista album. At the time, U.S. – Soviet relations were at a low point. The Soviet Union had invaded Afghanistan and the U.S. was sending arms to Afghan fighters, particularly Stinger surface to air missiles that fell many Soviet helicopters … More Ivan Meets G.I. Joe


A retreat to recalibrate Getting to know me The stillness is my song Even my shadow is carefree Do not fear aloneness Embrace it openly Reconcile the musty past History is your eternity This respite is a turnabout Along an unwritten journey Breathing in the spectral day Threading together each memory I’ve wandered and lived … More Homebody