She Gets Me

Of the billions of objects Why did she pick me? This orb, bruised and silent A solitary body in the galaxy — Before we met, she knew me Curious with this mystery Patient, waiting for the bloom Every day another page to the story — She reaches for my hand A schoolboy, queasy The energy … More She Gets Me

I’m That Guy

The years wear deep grooves Like canyons, especially on my soul Time grows many tree-like rings Towering, flaunty as a maypole — Memories fly by, mile markers of life A teen sprouts, what’s it all about Twenties, playing like a grownup No longer convincing as a Boy Scout — Married and a family at thirty … More I’m That Guy


Reaching 30 is a milestone How your 20s have flown Your mom marvels at how you’ve grown Just yesterday, taking steps on your own Mountains to climb, trails to trek A bucket list to check In the 20s, spreading your wings, gear up The 30s, taking flight, no longer a young pup Be humble at … More 30

Too Much of Everything

Staring at the angry, puffed-out clouds Changing partners, like the fickle weather I’m a monsoon consuming a thirsty desert Too many lovers, hope they don’t get together — Cognitive overload dissolves my resolve Tangled words need spoken The old footprints are still clear Hopefulness buckles until broken — Folly drives uncommitted actions Fear passes through … More Too Much of Everything