Ultimate Rock Band

Another reader suggested topic. Form a fantasy band, picking by position. Ready, set, go. Lead singer: Roger Daltrey. There are many fine vocalists, but Roger is hands-down the one. More iconic vocalists? Jagger, Bowie, Lennon come to mind, but Roger has the range, the swagger and the chops.  Roger just looks like the prototype 1970s … More Ultimate Rock Band

Yes: 90125 (1983)

After the detour of 1980’s Drama, another version of Yes emerged from the remains of the group. The lineup for Drama was Chris Squire, Steve Howe, Alan White, Trevor Horn and Geoff Downes.  After the resulting tour, Howe, Horn and Downes left the band.  Squire and White almost hooked up with Jimmy Page after the … More Yes: 90125 (1983)

Yes: Drama (1980)

I have always loved the band, Yes, through their ups and downs (including keyboardist Geoff Downes). In their sixth decades, Yes has had tremendous personnel changes and at times, two different versions of the band, each performing and recording. At the end of the 1970s, Yes suffered through loss of keyboardist Rick Wakeman (which would … More Yes: Drama (1980)

Best Bass Players

How do you pick the best bass players? Do you select those that are the most famous or sell the most records or most requested session player or most flamboyant player? I do not play bass but I have some knowledge of the instrument and the function of the bass in music.  There are many … More Best Bass Players

Genesis: Duke (1980)

My intent is not to review every Genesis album; this one was not even on my radar.  Funny how your material picks itself. Duke was the beginning of their “pop” phase, although the strands of progressive-rock were prevalent in their music. Gone were the epic suites of long songs. Mostly. Duke was important for several … More Genesis: Duke (1980)

Ambrosia (1975)

The band, not the delicious fruit salad. Formed in 1970, most of the original band still performs today. Ambrosia is one of my favorite bands from the 1970s, they are also one of the most eclectic. In the space of seven years, their music changed from prog-rock to laidback L.A. pop to more of a … More Ambrosia (1975)