Sticky Fingers (1971)

Were The Rolling Stones the greatest rock ‘n’ roll band of the early 1970s? They had some company but I’d say yes. The Stones became a great album band in 1970 with Let it Bleed and built a strong touring presence particularly in America. The Stones of the early 1970s spoiled us with strong albums … More Sticky Fingers (1971)

Rolling Stones: Through the Past, Darkly

In reality, their second greatest hits collection, released in 1969. Unlike the Beatles, The Rolling Stones did not produced great albums in the 1960s. Big singles, yes. Just not groundbreaking albums. The greatest hits album collects their non-album singles during the second half of the decade. I still have the vinyl copy of this octagon-shaped … More Rolling Stones: Through the Past, Darkly