1971: Music From 50 Years Ago

What a great mix of musical styles. Pop, rock, heavy metal, R&B, blues. This was the singer-songwriter era too, the laidback Southern California sound. Carole King would have the largest selling album with Tapestry, the touchstone for the singer-songwriter generation. Other landmark albums were: Led Zeppelin IV, Fragile, Who’s Next, Sticky Fingers, Aqualung, What’s Going … More 1971: Music From 50 Years Ago

A Decade of Santana

Carlos Santana has been making music for 50 years. He goes all the way back to Woodstock and continues today touring and releasing new music. Santana’s career is divided into many eras. He’s had massively successful periods and career valleys. In the new millennium he’s had one of his strongest career arcs as he’s teamed … More A Decade of Santana