Best Drum Grooves

The job of the drummer is to drive the train. The exceptional drummers do so taking you on a journey you’ve never traveled. The best grooves get your attention, but aren’t showy. Yes, drummers can be self-indulgent with exaggerated playing, tiresome soloing and drum kits that need their own zip code. It’s very difficult for … More Best Drum Grooves

Recording Engineers

Back in the old days, music was recorded in an actual recording studio on analog tape machines. In the early days of the Beatles, engineers wore white lab coats and neckties. Experimentation was frowned upon and only certain approved personnel could touch the knobs. There was no school to learn the process of sound or … More Recording Engineers

The Space Force

I wanna join the space force To sail among the stars Planting my country’s flag And colonizing Mars With visions of Star Trek Armed with deadly warheads We’ll blast any alien bodies And set up American homesteads Kissin’ space babes like Captain Kirk With fasers set to awesomeness Recruiting TV model space cadets Based solely … More The Space Force

The Royal Scam (1976)

Let’s play a game.  Name your favorite Steely Dan album:  Aja, Gaucho, Katy Lied, The Royal Scam, Countdown to Ecstasy,  Can’t Buy a Thrill, Pretzel Logic, Two Against Nature or Everything Must Go. Some great choices there.  If you said, pick their most complete album, I’d answer Aja.  Every song a pearl.  But overproduced in … More The Royal Scam (1976)