Sports Memories

I have some great sports memories. They don’t define my life but they are intertwined with moments or events that I value.  I watch sports, but as I get older, it occupies an increasingly smaller part of my life.  Sports is too much a business; even amateur sports have that corporate vibe to it. I … More Sports Memories

30 Sports Films

I was going to pick 10, then I had almost 20, and since I was getting closer to 30, that’s the number.  Some of these are classics, others good films and a few unusual films that are on because of their subject matter or they are just entertaining.  It’s my list.  Still, I can think … More 30 Sports Films

Borg vs McEnroe

Sports films are difficult to do successfully because it is such a common film genre, and there have been many excellent films about “the big game” or the famous sports hero. Tennis as a sport, does not translate well to the big screen, which may be the reason there are so few films about the … More Borg vs McEnroe