Grand Funk Railroad

One of the most popular bands of the early 1970s. Hard-rocking and gritty, as many bands fresh from the late-60s were. Long hair, blue jeans and bluesy guitars. Grand Funk Railroad was Don Brewer (drums, vocals), Mark Farner (guitar, keyboards, vocals) and Mel Schacher (bass), and later Craig Frost on keyboards. Grand Funk had a … More Grand Funk Railroad

Todd Rundgren: Hermit of Mink Hollow (1978)

The next edition in the tour of 1970s albums by Todd Rundgren. Todd Rundgren was a busy musician in the 1970s. He was prolific in recording his own albums and touring, and was a producer for hire. Rundgren alternated between spacey, progressive rock and sweet-sounding, accessible pop-rock. Something/Anything? was his breakthrough album featuring AM radio … More Todd Rundgren: Hermit of Mink Hollow (1978)

Todd Rundgren

I knew a couple Todd’s songs that got played in the radio, but I wasn’t exposed to his other work until a girl across the street introduced me to his early albums. I knew there was a guy with talent. He wrote all his own songs and could play virtually any instrument. Little did I … More Todd Rundgren