Last Films: Disappointing Final Films of Actors and Directors

Some actors and directors end their fine careers on a sour note. Sometimes the films are awful, but equally disappointing is when the films are – boring. The that comes to me about last films is – sad. The end of a long or briefly successful career should conclude with a meaningful or well-received project. … More Last Films: Disappointing Final Films of Actors and Directors

Shane (1953)

Can you believe it, I had never seen this film (in it’s entirety) until this week. Sure, I knew what it was about and the final scene of Joey calling after his hero is etched in cinematic history. Somehow the film had escaped my viewing. The story point of a mysterious stranger appearing at an … More Shane (1953)

Film Titles: Classics

I am a fan of film credits/opening sequences. In film history, they served to give the audience information and set the story, often in a very creative way. Three of my favorite opening sequence designers are Saul Bass (Alfred Hitchcock, Otto Preminger), Maurice Binder (James Bond) and Pablo Ferro (Stanley Kubrick, Steve McQueen). Film title … More Film Titles: Classics

Direct to Video

Direct to video films became synonymous with cheap, low quality films. In the world today, content designed to be available on-demand over streaming services is replacing films going through the traditional movie theater. Consumers are choosing subscription streaming services over cable subscriptions and 82% of internet traffic relates to video now. What a mixed-up world … More Direct to Video