The Fog of Memory

Morning burns away the fog of yesterday Through these eyes I see almost clearly Each year compounds what’s valued I cherish those moments dearly — Once in a dream, I found you My beating heart is heavily scarred Tread lightly on this used soul Reminding myself to love hard — Absence crystalizes those snapshots Tightly … More The Fog of Memory

When I’m Sixty-Four

When you are ten years old, 64 seems unimaginable. Grandparents are that age. Hey wait, I’m a grandparent! Impossible!! I’m nine months into my 64th year. What a year it’s been. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. From the pandemic to the loss of a loved one to establishing life as a single to contemplating … More When I’m Sixty-Four

Growing Younger

Mile marker number 64 is dead ahead for me. Maybe “dead” is not the best word to use.  Anyway, around and around in orbit we go.  On the occasion of birthdays, one may feel a bit philosophical. So, here are a few observations about the journey. The sun no longer seems surprised; him again. And … More Growing Younger

Old Dog, New Tricks

Maybe not new tricks, but new attitudes.  Past a certain age, the wiring is certainly hardened, but something incredible happens.  The brain, if the soul is on-board, can find new paths. We spend a lifetime building our internal infrastructure, repairing and sometimes replacing it.  A lot like our road system.  Our attitudes and values mostly … More Old Dog, New Tricks

The Next Day

The next hour, next minute, next breath There is comfort in every next Nighttime rolls over the evening’s tail There is no tomorrow till the day ends From history, the morning will unfold Tackling dragons that held me prisoner Tomorrow is where dreams are born In sleep they grow roots or die In my head, … More The Next Day

A Life

Popping wheelies and building tree houses Forgotten summer dreams as the baseball batter Replaced by a mortgage and high blood pressure Simple youthful pleasures pushed off the platter Along the way the years melted together Middle age blurs the victories and defeats Digging out of the losses to climb again At the end of life … More A Life

An Early Frost

The warmth of your laugh carried me through February Silence now, replaced by empty eyes and deep wary Fearfulness is intentionally absent from our words Days spent at the window watching for signs of birds Icicles dripping, glistening just inches from your bedside From the bag a liquid tries to reverse a future denied Colorful … More An Early Frost