Blind Faith (1969)

Blind Faith was a musical group formed by Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker after Cream broke up, Steve Winwood after Traffic temporarily broke up, and bassist Rich Grech. The term “supergroup” was attached to Blind Faith, a dubious label and omen of what was to come.  The group recorded one album, Blind Faith, released in … More Blind Faith (1969)

Old Chicago

No, not the pizza place. Rock ‘n’ Roll. Served hot. Chicago Transit Authority has changed a lot over 50 years. For one, they shortened their name to just Chicago many years ago.  The band has three periods. The Kath period. The Cetera period. And Since Cetera Left. The Cetera period produced a lot of schmaltzy … More Old Chicago

Eric Clapton: Survivor

Eric Clapton, is arguably the world’s greatest guitarist. He’s certainly in the conversation for most influential guitarist.  Clapton as been written about for five decades, even writing his own autobiography, so what can I possibly write about E.C. that hasn’t been said many times before?  My comments are not judgemental but understanding his life helps … More Eric Clapton: Survivor

Heavy Cream

A friend and I were talking about the legacy of British bands, and he mentioned the band Cream. Cream was never one of my top picks but their influence and specter is hard to ignore. The musical period 1966-1968 has to include a discussion of Cream. It would be like probing the planets of the … More Heavy Cream