Peter Lorre (Actor)

Peter Lorre is remembered mainly for his odd, quirky movie roles in crime dramas and horror films. He enjoyed a long career and was featured in many film roles, but I think most people remember him for the villainous and sniveling sidekick characters he played, and are unfamiliar with his more nuanced performances. Lorre, a … More Peter Lorre (Actor)

Shane (1953)

Can you believe it, I had never seen this film (in it’s entirety) until this week. Sure, I knew what it was about and the final scene of Joey calling after his hero is etched in cinematic history. Somehow the film had escaped my viewing. The story point of a mysterious stranger appearing at an … More Shane (1953)

Cyrano (2021)

A great love story. Of three people. A pleasant surprise. Cyrano is not perfect, yet it is a very enjoyable film. This film got lost in the mainstream release of films last year. Cyrano is not an over the top production, yet it has spectacular production values – this was a film with a grand … More Cyrano (2021)

Licorice Pizza (2021)

The trailer looked so clever and hip. The actual film – not so much. The trailer may have literally consisted of the best bits. Critics loved it (93% Rotten Tomatoes), audiences less so (63%), but still a lot of positive reaction. The film is chocked full of cameos and inside Hollywood jokes. The Jon Peters … More Licorice Pizza (2021)