Night Out Against Crime: My Helicopter Ride

Many years ago, I had the opportunity to participate in a police activity that was part of a program called “Night Out Against Crime.”  Nationwide, law enforcement along with community groups were holding events to recognize efforts to combat crime.  That national campaign started in 1984 and it was exciting to be on the front … More Night Out Against Crime: My Helicopter Ride

Times Like These

There is fear in the air. You can see it on the faces of strong people. The fear is for several things.  People fear for their health.  They fear getting sick and not being able to afford treatment.  They fear for the health of family and friends. There are other fears.  Not since the Great … More Times Like These


In honor of Independence Day, let’s hear it for the American taxpayer. Taxes are a hot-button issue.  Our ancestors fought a war of independence, partly over being taxed without any say-so in the matter.  Taxes are fact of life, and a battleground of division over what is taxed and how much, and over the tax … More Taxpayer

Making a Deposit

I work in a field where relationships are the currency for getting things done. One of the core values of the organization I work for is relationship building. When these core values were being developed, there was very intense debate on whether this would make the final list. A management consultant had said to my … More Making a Deposit