Peter Lorre (Actor)

Peter Lorre is remembered mainly for his odd, quirky movie roles in crime dramas and horror films. He enjoyed a long career and was featured in many film roles, but I think most people remember him for the villainous and sniveling sidekick characters he played, and are unfamiliar with his more nuanced performances. Lorre, a … More Peter Lorre (Actor)

Altered States (1980)

Writer Paddy Chayefsky’s last film and unfortunately, not his best. Altered States is very entertaining and thought provoking, as well as visually trippy (given special effects in 1980). Chayefsky (Network, The Hospital), one of the top five writers in Hollywood, adapted his novel for the screen. This film was a difficult birth. The first director, … More Altered States (1980)

Stephen King Films

I’m not a reader of Stephen King novels, I have never read one. I do selectively watch his films.  While I’ve never watched all of his television and film adaptations, but I do have some favorites. In the hands of the right director, King’s material can translate well to the visual medium. There have been … More Stephen King Films

Carnival of Souls

Carnival of Souls (1962) was partially filmed in Lawrence, Kansas, by a local crew and actors. Produced on a shoestring budget, the film is inventive and original. Yes, the production values are generally of low value, but the theme and originality make up for the modest look. It was the locally-produced film that made good. … More Carnival of Souls

The ‘Burbs / Matinee

Joe Dante directed two very entertaining films: The ‘Burbs and Matinee.  Light-weight comedies, even silly, but very fine efforts. Dante started in low-budget films, working for Roger Corman, like so many other directors, before moving onto a few projects connected to Steven Spielberg. His biggest career film is probably Gremlins. Dante has often chosen material … More The ‘Burbs / Matinee