Ron Shelton: The Church of Baseball (book review)

Arguably, the best sports films were directed by Ron Shelton. He is to sports films what Oliver Stone is to conspiracy thrillers and Quentin Tarantino is to gritty psychological thrillers. Shelton directed other non-sports films, crossing over into the weirdness of Stone/Tarantino. And yet, Shelton says that baseball is only secondary to Bull Durham. “It’s … More Ron Shelton: The Church of Baseball (book review)

DVDs: Which Stack?

I am going to present you two stacks of DVDs (no Blu-ray disks mixed in). You are going on a trip and these are the only entertainment you will have. No TV, cable or internet. Which one would you choose? No trading between stacks. Stack 1 Roman Holiday (1953) – Reporter Gregory Peck and Princess … More DVDs: Which Stack?

Let Him Go (2020)

Kevin Costner. Diane Lane. Let Him Go. A film few people saw.  It is an unsettling and grim film.  Had I dug a little deeper and read some reviews, I might have skipped over this film.  I like both lead actors, and Jeffrey Donovan (Burn Notice) is a favorite of mine, but it is a … More Let Him Go (2020)