Kenny Loggins: Still Alright (book review)

Rock star, pop star, country star, children’s recording star. What a long and successful career for Kenny Loggins, who just published his memoirs, Still Alright. Loggins was also a 1980s film soundtrack hit machine, in addition to his solo album successes, then he began a slow fade as most every successful artist does. The difference … More Kenny Loggins: Still Alright (book review)

Underrated Albums

Here are 25 albums that failed to get the love they deserve. These albums have taken a backseat in the artist’s catalog, perhaps without benefit of a charting single or surrounding a band lineup change. It may have gone out of print or the rights became tied up. Quality music fails to connect for a … More Underrated Albums

Kenny Loggins

Recently, I watched an interview of Kenny Loggins on YouTube about what he has been doing during the pandemic. One comment got me thinking. “No one is sitting around calling for a Kenny Loggins album,” he said. There was a time that the world was waiting for Loggins to produce new music. His solo career … More Kenny Loggins

Loggins & Messina

Kenny Loggins and Jim Messina formed one of the most successful musical duos of the 1970’s.  Their music is still played on classic rock stations and it is hard not to form a smile when you hear one of their hits. Formed in 1971, they played together only until 1976, when they parted to have … More Loggins & Messina