Stevie Wonder: Songs in the Key of Life (revisiting)

Songs in the Key of Life, one of the best albums of 1976. This double album was all over the radio and was perhaps the pinnacle of Stevie Wonder’s musical output. Consider, this was Wonder’s 18th album, and he was only 26 years old. Amazing! The early 1970s had been a richly creative period for … More Stevie Wonder: Songs in the Key of Life (revisiting)

Best Albums of 1975

This was one of the most eclectic years in music. It was easy to hear any kind of music on the radio or placed on the charts. Radio was becoming equally divided between AM and FM stations, and crossover songs between genres was common. This was the heart of classic rock, a mixture of pop, … More Best Albums of 1975

Prince in 12 Songs

Prince Rogers Nelson stood only five feet, three inches, but he was a giant. Bigger than life, Prince’s influence on contemporary music is immeasurable. Prince was the new wave R&B fresh breath that changed the direction of of soulful music. Lean and organic, his sound cut a new trail in Black music, but he quickly … More Prince in 12 Songs

Favorite R&B Songs

Soul music, funk, R&B – call it whatever you want. Those soulful vibes are impossible to resist. You moved to the groove. There is something organic about how that music takes over your being.  Not every song had a funky bass line or seductive horn action.  There were ballads, tasty guitar riffs or thundering percussion.  … More Favorite R&B Songs

Remembering Barry White

That deep baritone voice. Unmistakable. Silenced since 2003 when he passed away. Barry White was referred to as the maker of bedroom ballads, accentuated by that velvety voice. White had a long career as a songwriter, arranger, musician and producer, before most of us heard our first Barry White song, “Love Theme,” an instrumental of … More Remembering Barry White