The Linear Man

Zig zags and circles confound him Searching for order and reason Without a path to the horizon Wandering endlessly season to season — The compass needle wobbles Hesitance, suggests regress Many trips around the dial No traditional signs of progress — Is compromise a weakness? Group-think is line of sight Dare to look past the … More The Linear Man

Magic Potion

Mister Wizard what is magical Do I have to be radical Or even fanatical I just hate to be practical – I try to feed my head With books actually read So many miles I’ve tread Unneeded worries shed – But I feel just the same Did I overshoot my aim Nobody but me to … More Magic Potion

Life is Short

I can do it, I say Convincing myself Then heart palpitations I return to the shelf No risk, no harm Keep the errors small Think before leaping Put the bat on the ball But this time I go With wind-packed sails Over the sunlit horizon With my friend, new trails