Two Minutes or Less

No, this isn’t about erectile dysfunction. The other day I posted a blog about songs over 10 minutes in length. A colleague humorously suggested compiling a list of songs that are shorter than two minutes. Okay, let’s do it! I’m placing a caveat that these have to be post- 1960, as in the old days, … More Two Minutes or Less

Mrs. Robinson, you’re trying to seduce me…Aren’t You?

That’s probably the most memorable line from The Graduate. A question and a plea. In 1967, the story of a mature, married woman initiating an affair with a young man was pretty racy, as they would say. And yet, every actor and actress wanted to be in this film.  Well, except for a few.  Doris … More Mrs. Robinson, you’re trying to seduce me…Aren’t You?

Bookends (1968)

Bookends by Simon & Garfunkel was their most mature work. Not remotely as embraced as Bridge Over Troubled Water, but a more interesting tapestry. These songs grew from the same embryo. My favorite S&G album. The album was a mixture of folk, pop and a pinch of rock all of twenty-nine minutes and fifty-one seconds. … More Bookends (1968)

Art Garfunkel

I met Art Garfunkel about 15 years ago.  He was appearing in concert that night.  His road manager gave us tickets to the concert and we met him and his band afterwards. In concert, his voice was mostly what you heard on record from the Simon & Garfunkel days, but his range was a bit … More Art Garfunkel