Mike Nichols

As an eight-year old boy traveling from Europe to America with his younger brother, Mike Nichols would grow up to more than live the American Dream. He became a Tony and Oscar winning director, and Grammy recipient for his comedy records. Nichols had the kind of life that an immigrant boy could only imagine in … More Mike Nichols

Buck Henry

After Henry died, the media was flooded with his obit and remembrances. He was one of a kind. I waited awhile to post anything about him, then saw him the other night on a rerun of Saturday Night Live. It was his first hosting role on the show. Henry hadn’t been in the limelight for … More Buck Henry

Mrs. Robinson, you’re trying to seduce me…Aren’t You?

That’s probably the most memorable line from The Graduate. A question and a plea. In 1967, the story of a mature, married woman initiating an affair with a young man was pretty racy, as they would say. And yet, every actor and actress wanted to be in this film.  Well, except for a few.  Doris … More Mrs. Robinson, you’re trying to seduce me…Aren’t You?

Bookends (1968)

Bookends by Simon & Garfunkel was their most mature work. Not remotely as embraced as Bridge Over Troubled Water, but a more interesting tapestry. These songs grew from the same embryo. My favorite S&G album. The album was a mixture of folk, pop and a pinch of rock all of twenty-nine minutes and fifty-one seconds. … More Bookends (1968)