The Lost Valentine (2011)

Betty White never fails to deliver a strong performance and The Lost Valentine is no exception.

A 2011 Hallmark Hall of Fame television film, it stars White, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Sean Farris.

A television reporter (Hewitt) is interested in doing a story about a woman who still waits for her missing-in-action husband to return from World War II.

The young Caroline and her husband.

White plays Caroline Thomas who never gave up on her husband, who was recorded as missing in the Philippines, but no further information was ever received about his status. So each Valentines Day she waits at the train station for him to return.

At first, the reporter fails to understand the significance of Caroline’s story and this upsets Caroline’s grandson. As with most Hallmark films in the series, there is at least one more story going on in the background.

Hallmark films are criticized for being a bit old fashioned and sentimental. This one has its moments. The side stories involving the reporter and her fiancée, and the reporter and the grandson, stretch believably, but fold into Caroline’s story.

cdn.crownmediadev.comWith some digging and investigation, the reporter is able to find the truth behind Caroline’s husband’s fate. The scene of her at the train station when his remains are brought by escort will reduce you to tears. Betty White is exceptional in taking you inside her story and her pain. Her love wasn’t in vain, she kept her promise to him and although we lived her life without his physical presence, he was always in her heart.

I won’t spoil what the lost valentine is, or its significance to the story. I am also skipping a lot of the story or how the side stories relate to Caroline.

Betty White, known for ability to make you laugh, can also put a lump in your throat. She has always been a straight shooter and you totally believe her as Caroline. The film revolves around her story although Caroline doesn’t have a lot of actual screen time.

Yes, it’s a sentimental story designed to show you what loyalty, hope and love feel like over a lifetime.

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