Tom Petty Mixtape

There have been a number of anthologies and great hits collections released, during his career and after his death.  Each one is hit and miss.  With several versions on the market, I am not sure they can repackage another one, but I suspect the Tom Petty estate has plans for many releases from his vault … More Tom Petty Mixtape

Yes: 90125 (1983)

After the detour of 1980’s Drama, another version of Yes emerged from the remains of the group. The lineup for Drama was Chris Squire, Steve Howe, Alan White, Trevor Horn and Geoff Downes.  After the resulting tour, Howe, Horn and Downes left the band.  Squire and White almost hooked up with Jimmy Page after the … More Yes: 90125 (1983)

The Cure

Back in the mid 1980s, I heard about this amazing band, they had been around awhile but they were part of this weird early 80s band that teenagers seemed to like.  Were they post punk, British synth, heavy metal – what exactly were they?  But again, they did not fit neatly into any category.  Their … More The Cure