Claudine Longet

That name sounds familiar, right? If you were around during the 1960s or early 1970s, you knew of her television and film appearances, and her recordings. You might also remember here from the trial of causing the death of her boyfriend. Since, she’s lived out of the spotlight. Let’s look at her career, because she … More Claudine Longet


You learn a lot about living from stories where lives are on the line. Combat! was a weekly television series about a platoon in World War II. Not exactly kid viewing, but I watched the show every week. Yes, it was a show about war and there was killing, but it focused on the characters … More Combat!

Rolling Stones: Through the Past, Darkly

In reality, their second greatest hits collection, released in 1969. Unlike the Beatles, The Rolling Stones did not produced great albums in the 1960s. Big singles, yes. Just not groundbreaking albums. The greatest hits album collects their non-album singles during the second half of the decade. I still have the vinyl copy of this octagon-shaped … More Rolling Stones: Through the Past, Darkly