Lord Love a Duck

First there was Andy Hardy, then Dobie Gillis, and then the Beach movies. All followed the lives of independent-minded teenagers. Later, there would be American Graffiti and Happy Days in the 1970s and then the John Hughes films in the 1970s. In between was a low-budget 1966 film called Lord Love a Duck.The 1960s was … More Lord Love a Duck

1960s Pop-Rock

The wonderful thing about the 1960s was the smorgasbord of musical styles and blended genres. After awhile, it was hard to tell one style from another. Is it rock or pop or R&B or folk – or a combination? Sure, the difference between Herman’s Hermits and The Yardbirds is obvious, as is the difference between … More 1960s Pop-Rock

The Beatles

Imagine the world without The Beatles. I cannot. We would be deprived of such incredible music, yes, but the loss would be so much more than that. From the moment The Beatles arrived in America, the Earth spun with a different groove.  “She Loves You” had such energy and enthusiastic vocals, yeah, yeah, yeah.  Not … More The Beatles