Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing: Matthew Perry (book review)

If you watched the recent Matthew Perry’s interview with Diane Sawyer, or others he did while promoting the Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing (2022), you pretty much know the story. The interview is the small version of the train wreck, the book is the long, slow-motion derailment and repeated ordeal. Like most train … More Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing: Matthew Perry (book review)

Nikki Sixx: Author

I’m not a big fan of glam, spandex-wearing, big hair bands of the 1980s-1990s. Van Halen and The Cure are about as close as I get to the hairspray and makeup genre. Mötley Crüe is not my thing, which makes it seem odd that I would pick up a book written by bassist Nikki Sixx … More Nikki Sixx: Author

After the White House

U.S. Presidents have different plans after that final exit from the White House. For some, a quiet life of golf and writing memoirs, for others it means speeches and staying in the public eye. The presidential memoir is a lucrative endeavor and also an opportunity to “set the record straight” so to speak. Each president … More After the White House

Pearl Jam (Part 2)

Thirty years of Pearl Jam. I thought it would be fun to look at their first album, Ten, and their most recent studio release, Gigaton. These two albums couldn’t be more different. Initially, the brooding, aggressive sound of this band did not register with me. However, I love many brooding, aggressive bands, the case here … More Pearl Jam (Part 2)

Almost Noir

Film noir is an exciting genre of the cinema and includes some of the best films ever made. Dark, mysterious, foreboding, psychological, often violent. It was a genre popular after World War II, into the 1950s, usually shot in black and white to help convey the darker emotional tone of the subject matter. If you … More Almost Noir

Prince in 12 Songs

Prince Rogers Nelson stood only five feet, three inches, but he was a giant. Bigger than life, Prince’s influence on contemporary music is immeasurable. Prince was the new wave R&B fresh breath that changed the direction of of soulful music. Lean and organic, his sound cut a new trail in Black music, but he quickly … More Prince in 12 Songs

Northern Exposure

What a wonderful, eccentric series. While it ran out of steam in its last season, Northern Exposure was a landmark creative show. The strength was the writing, followed by a fine cast of actors. The pilot episode finds physician Joel Fleischman arriving in Alaska to fulfill his medical school obligation of spending four years serving … More Northern Exposure