Van Damme

Tough guy Jean-Claude Van Damme was quite a successful actor during the 1980s and 1990s, his films were international hits. Since then, the quality and success of his films have taken a nosedive. I noticed his series (Jean-Claude Van Johnson) on Prime, a fictionalization of his real life. I tuned in to watch an episode, … More Van Damme

Altered States (1980)

Writer Paddy Chayefsky’s last film and unfortunately, not his best. Altered States is very entertaining and thought provoking, as well as visually trippy (given special effects in 1980). Chayefsky (Network, The Hospital), one of the top five writers in Hollywood, adapted his novel for the screen. This film was a difficult birth. The first director, … More Altered States (1980)

More Liam Neeson

The Marksman (2021) is Liam Neeson’s latest action film. I thought he said was not going to make these kind of films anymore. If this is his coda on action films, it’s a sour note. Neeson is the new Clint Eastwood, the craggy, soft-talking, hero from left field. This field has been plowed to a … More More Liam Neeson