The Way (2011)

This is 2011 film, adapted and directed by Emilio Estevez, starring his father, Martin Sheen. They play father and son in the film. Everyone seems to want to find something, fix something or understand something. Or all of the above. Daniel Avery left his doctoral program to explore the world, much to his father Tom’s … More The Way (2011)

Ellen Burstyn

This award-winning actor has lived quite an interesting life. Now in her 88th year, she is still a working actor. If you are old enough to remember the early 1970s, Burstyn was an A list actress. In the 1950s and 1960s, she guested on many television shows, had a role on a soap, a featured … More Ellen Burstyn

Recent Arnold Films

Being governor was a speed bump to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s film career. He left public office in 2011 and got busy again in front of the camera. Arnold’s career had slowed down in the new millennium, as other, younger action heroes emerged. He tried another Terminator film, without any of the past team; it made money, … More Recent Arnold Films

Christopher Walken – Ten Performances (and more cowbell)

I saw actor Christopher Walken being interviewed by Conan O’Brien recently. I have never written about Walken, so let’s correct that. Walken is one of those people that identified with such a unique persona, that he is often imitated or he appears in a lot of memes.  He has that intense, sullen, almost ghostly look.  … More Christopher Walken – Ten Performances (and more cowbell)

Sicario 1 & 2

Sicario, and its sequel, Sicario: The Day of the Soldado, are quite the violent journeys through the Mexican cartels.  Both are complex action-thrillers. Sicario is primarily about (Emily Blunt) FBI agent Kate Macer, as she joins forces with shadowy members of a joint task force of Defense Department and Justice Department operatives, plus CIA officer … More Sicario 1 & 2

Northern Exposure

What a wonderful, eccentric series. While it ran out of steam in its last season, Northern Exposure was a landmark creative show. The strength was the writing, followed by a fine cast of actors. The pilot episode finds physician Joel Fleischman arriving in Alaska to fulfill his medical school obligation of spending four years serving … More Northern Exposure