Belfast (2021)

I never understood the historical, religious and political conflict in Northern Ireland. At the time, all I saw was tragedy. No, I did not live there, so it is perhaps not fair to comment. I do not judge, and naïvely, I always wondered why everyone could not find a way to live in peace. When … More Belfast (2021)

Good Guy/Bad Guy

Some of the best stories are of a flawed protagonist who exhibits complexity of personality and reveals himself (or herself) to have a pivotal moment(s) where their character undergoes an unexpected action, yet they remain true to their basic moral fabric. What this is not: a fairytale moment of metamorphosis of The Grinch suddenly growing … More Good Guy/Bad Guy

Elizabeth Taylor 1960s Films: Campy, Trampy and Vampy

Liz Taylor had quite a film decade. Starring in the most costly film ever made (at the time), meeting her future husband Richard Burton, receiving two Academy Awards, and becoming probably the most photographed women in the world – that’s crazy. As you look at the films below, notice the swing between glamour and slutty … More Elizabeth Taylor 1960s Films: Campy, Trampy and Vampy

Goodbye Mr. Bond

No Time to Die is not a bad film. Strip away the CGI and expensive appearance and you have an old fashioned spy film: too serious, incomprehensible and full of unrestrained violence. No Time to Die is dressed up for the new world order. Full disclosure: I grew up watching Bond films and own most … More Goodbye Mr. Bond