Comfort Movies

On a rainy day or when you’re not feeling yourself, curling up with a movie is good company. Is it Love Story or The Dirty Dozen? In Sleepless in Seattle, there is actually a scene about guy movies, as a response to An Affair to Remember, which is pivotal to the plot of Sleepless in … More Comfort Movies

The Train (1964)

The 1960’s was full of World War II films. Like Westerns, they were the action genre staple for TV and films.  Fact or fiction, war films serve up plenty of action. The genre always fascinated me, not because I like war or the lives it destroys. Like Westerns, it is basically stories of good triumphing … More The Train (1964)

Burt Lancaster: Part II

Clark Gable, Burt Lancaster, Paul Newman, Jack Nicholson. The tree of tough, cynical, idealistic and passionate leading men. For a span of 20 years, Lancaster, ruled the roast of flawed, but heroic characters who got, but didn’t always deserve what life gave them. Films didn’t always have happy endings, but they had to have well-written … More Burt Lancaster: Part II