Talking to God

I would imagine nearly all of us have talked to God, which ever God we look to.  Maybe we do it by prayer, or we actually do it as a monologue.  I get a little nervous when people say that God spoke to them or told them something, like you were having a conversation with … More Talking to God


I am very fond of quotes.  There is a lot of wisdom in them.  The really insightful pearls are timeless. Quotes also show how we used to think and how we have evolved through the centuries.  Below are some quotes that caught my eye and I have used them in publications.  Enjoy. “Every generation inherits … More Quotes

What Am I?

Labels are often wrong. Most people are much more than a single word or a phrase.  When you assume a person is a narrowly defined element, you are also assuming what you think they believe fits into a neat compartment.  Lots of things go wrong with assumptions.  People are strange and often complex creatures; they … More What Am I?

Season’s Greetings

In this time of celebrating the holiday and embracing all that is meaningful to us, it’s important to reflect on the bigger picture around us. While we want goodwill and peace throughout the universe, we are more concerned with what is happening in our little sphere, our family, friends and associates.  Typically, we send out … More Season’s Greetings

Things I Don’t Understand: American Christianity

“As Christians, as those who follow and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, let us pray throughout the day and all of these proceedings. Pray for our nation, pray for our leaders, and pray for President Donald J. Trump,” said Franklin Graham.  “It’s a day of shame for America. The media is calling the Democratic-led … More Things I Don’t Understand: American Christianity

Peace & Love

Like an easy smile Peace and love Takes little effort Just a gliding dove   Hate is a resolute plan A massive black hole Devouring sunshine Swallowing every soul   Peace is a handshake Face to face respect Love is uniting A world can connect   Call me old fashioned Joke about the moonbeam The … More Peace & Love

Out of Reach

Above on the top shelf Beyond worn fingertips A long walk too slow Missing the appointment Reading the advertisement But the job had been filled Timidly raising his hand But others are picked The phone remains silent Only noise from TV Prescription prices spiked Beyond his small budget A beautiful setting sun Lingered then vanished … More Out of Reach