Talking Heads, Chris Frantz’s book and the New Wave era

The Talking Heads were one of the biggest and most influential musical groups from the late 1970s to the late 1980s, essentially a decade of mostly innovating and provocative music. Once again, we get into labeling issues because this band mixed several genres and infused their own style. Post-punk, New Wave, indie, world music – … More Talking Heads, Chris Frantz’s book and the New Wave era

Two Minutes or Less

No, this isn’t about erectile dysfunction. The other day I posted a blog about songs over 10 minutes in length. A colleague humorously suggested compiling a list of songs that are shorter than two minutes. Okay, let’s do it! I’m placing a caveat that these have to be post- 1960, as in the old days, … More Two Minutes or Less

Musical Surprises

I love to be surprised by music I didn’t know about or was convinced I would not like. As I get older, I have to fight harder to move out of my comfort zone of musical tastes. Retracing my steps over many decades, there are some game-changers. Although I will not likely be shouting the … More Musical Surprises

Top Five Music Memoirs

Autobiographies by musicians are usually filled with partying, conquests and namedropping. I’ve read a ton of them and most I’ve forgotten before turning the final page. They are usually quick reads on a weekend, cotton candy for the brain. Even though most are mediocre, that does not stop me from reading them. Here are five … More Top Five Music Memoirs