Lose Yourself

Let go the rope, pull the ripcord Jump in the creek, paddle out to sea Unhook your mind, let you thoughts go No longer grounded to responsibility   Taking flight, free as a bird Laying in the grass, head in the clouds Buried in a book, down the rabbit hole Rush hour traffic, lost in … More Lose Yourself

By Way of the Elm

Goodbye my old stalwart friend Nearly extinct by a tiny life force The mighty one unable to defend Strong and ripped like a race horse   On every American Main Street Tree houses and tire swings Every kid has climbed skyward Fanciful adventure rings   Many childhood days spent in the air Invisible in a … More By Way of the Elm

These Words

  Building a thought, word by word Hanging in the air, frozen in time Turning the image inside out Flowing syllables locked in rhyme   Tongue-tied and brain twisted It flows naturally from your lips My words mixed like the salad Talk fades like a lunar eclipse   Graciously you translate Millions of words, none … More These Words


I see things with critical clarity Not even slowing down to pass go Making the impossible seem possible Using every flavor of the rainbow   Not so quiet, no longer patient So many pretend to be absentee We no longer hand out daisies Time to move aside or join me   See the change, be … More Crusader