Nothing about her can be forgotten Equally memorable is her name Elegant but unpretentious I’m just a moth to her flame The length of her arm A million miles long In time, she pulled in The embrace held me strong There is me, her and us All distinctive lives Independent yet shared Each keeps our … More 1+1=3

View From the Floor

A trek to an inverted neighborhood Nothing soft about hardwood Looking eye to eye with shoes Footwear gossip if they choose Rising to speak and people stare My words drift sideways thru the air Snaking thru people to the objective A smile might change her perspective Life is busy inside my head It’s lonely here … More View From the Floor

Ticket to Ride

The Beatles left us to find the way Gone, alone to navigate eternity In my life, we live in a yellow submarine Tomorrow never knows the possibility The revolution disappeared for many Now it’s adulthood on Blue Jay Way Ask me why all you need is love I should have known better, yesterday Lovely Rita, … More Ticket to Ride

Time After Time

The past is present to me The future is my next breath Tangled words escape my throat A dream avoids a lonely death Life is short, but I’ll wait A crooked path brought me here Where I hoped your trek paused Miles away, yet seems so near Memories evaporate like rain Walk through the cleansing … More Time After Time

Magic Potion

Mister Wizard what is magical Do I have to be radical Or even fanatical I just hate to be practical – I try to feed my head With books actually read So many miles I’ve tread Unneeded worries shed – But I feel just the same Did I overshoot my aim Nobody but me to … More Magic Potion

Assembly Required

Just a lonesome spud A diamond or a dud Staring blankly without a face Still a member of the potato race Attach those big ears and nose Instantly the confidence grows A super big head on a tiny bod Only to people does it look odd And now there is no more mister Change some … More Assembly Required

Lost in the Night

Reaching from horizon to horizon The night spreads its celestial wings Embracing all in elegant moonlight The roar of the shimmering water sings Above and below, astounding wonders A moonlit sky of untouchable treasures The pounding surf hypnotically beckons Lifeforces of incalculable pleasures On a boat only tethered to nature A blood moon illuminates the … More Lost in the Night