How Can I Be Sure?

There’s a question, circling inside Is this fleeting or a pivotal event? ‘What if’s’ pop like thought-balloons Perplexing, for this eager gent — Lean in, let the sun kiss all this splendor ‘Tis a dream, reality is never so warm I’m spooked, my defenses are down Swallowed whole, consumed by the storm — Life is … More How Can I Be Sure?

Fool’s Gold

From the dark side to the light Tired eyes are slow to adjust Once slipping, now skating away From sawdust to stardust — After the fierce rain, a double rainbow The damp air pops with electricity Bold sunlight divides the blue-gray sky To the heavens, creator of synchronicity — A poor man casts off his … More Fool’s Gold

Within Reach

Days of future remembrance Dreams beyond my stretch Of a life no one really inhabits Something else to kvetch — Time is just a hypnotist’s bobble Cannot parse the fake from real So many characters, all this fantasy Stay around for the reveal — Beautiful is my favorite color No majesty in fawning majestic The … More Within Reach

After the Rain

The cooling rain charges the air Electrifying the fine mist Smoldering clouds boil away Mother Nature’s emboldened kiss — The hammer strikes the heavens My skin is chilly and alive The anger and fury of nature If vengeful, we shouldn’t survive — But we do, perhaps undeserving Birds resume their vocalisation The ground is recharged … More After the Rain

Passing Through

You know I might not stay It’s likely, people like me We are ghosts, here one moment Then, a whispery breeze tickling a tree — My surreptitious entrance An early arrival, but I’m already gone Swept away in a cloud-face Gracefully, a majestic swan — A person’s worth is not on any ledger Incalculable and … More Passing Through


In the prologue the heavens parted Ejecting me on my noggin Like an egg, my memory cracked open Where should I begin? — Chapter one was my first appearance The golden fifties not so nifty My shadow hid from the sun Chance of success only fifty-fifty — Chapter two, the world is a zoo Drones … More Memoirs