My optimism rockets into the clouds Light-headed, yet a majestic view On Earth, life resembles a conga line Memories turn like a corkscrew — Does mortality become clearer by longevity Or perpetual rolling tides rocking us to sleep True, expensive, aged wine is more poignant But misguided risks are ever dark and deep — The … More Elemental

Older Love

Burnt orange sunsets Faint smell of familiarity lingers A hint of electricity airborne Strolling, linked by our fingers — Breathe in and savor her scent She laughs, and my frown lines remain Plenty of grey and freckles Gradually time becomes a binding chain — No matter, life burns inside out Feeling are sharper and sweeter … More Older Love

O Claire

Oh Claire, why can’t I tell you? Revealing my soul, coming clean You catch me looking at you, yes I’m bewildered My words tangle when I say what I mean Oh Claire, of course I stare When you glance in the mirror I see more than your reflection Even my life becomes clearer Oh Claire, … More O Claire

It’s Never Too Late

Moments are hopeful, wishful. Time is a demon, independent-minded. Not doddering, but cagey. Memory blinded. Inventing reassuring stories. Lost in our own shadow. Gray, ghostly sunsets. Missing flavors of the rainbow. Keeping ourselves at arm’s length. Leaning on a crutch of a dream. Safely for any tomorrow. Circling on the Gulf Stream. What is gone, … More It’s Never Too Late

For the Asking

Searching, what do I give to you? Days, I pondered and debated Showing, we are a blended two Perfect, not too little or overstated — Learning, the rhythm takes time Imperfect, a misstep and unforced error Knowing, we won’t always rhyme Retiring, the wayward wayfarer — Asking, my unabashed story Searching, for magic lasting years … More For the Asking

Time Is…

Time is no longer on my side It won’t wait for me Nor fit in a bottle And too fast to see Time is a disappearing act Here one moment Then a faded memory Too late to lament Time washes the record Details fall away History turns to gold Truth is just hearsay Time is … More Time Is…